Child Education Sponsorship Program

By sponsoring a child's high school education, you improve the chances of the family  and the  child getting out of extreme poverty by over 50%. The sponsor will get information and individual connection with the child and family. Rafiki Kenya can facilitate your visit to the  child's family and home area to get  to know the child and family better. It is also a  great chance to travel around Kenya. You can sponsorship a specific child or contribute towards a fund for all the children identified. By donating  USD 50 per month, you can support  a child's high school education.The high school education is 4 years in Kenya. It costs about  USD 600 per child per year for tuition and boarding in government  medium level schools. We currently have 20 boys and girls identified as needy that needy your urgent support in 2018. Their profiles to be posted here soon

Technical and Vocational Skills Training

Over 60% of the students who finish high school do not join university or higher collegues due to low grades or lack of fees. Rafiki Kenya sees technical and vocational training skills training as a way to create opportunities for self-employment for them. Furthermore, there is a serious lack of well trained artisans in Kenya. We hope to offer  opportunities to children from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue work skills such as professional driving, metal works, woodwork, computers, cloth textile, cookery , accounting, motor vehicle mechanics, laboratory technology, nursing, primary and nursery school teaching, machine printing, photography, veterinary, wildlife rangers, building construction  and beauty therapists. Most courses take are two years and cost USD 900 per year per child. We have 10 needy boys and girls seeking your support. Their profiles to be highlighted here soon.   

Talent Search and Mentorship Program for Youth

Rafiki Kenya  identifies and supports children with exceptional  talent to pursue their dreams. We have identified the areas of: art & craft, sports, health care, leadership, environmental conservation, music and drama, and gender equality . The youth will be assisted to attend special trainings, seminars and events so  as to further. Rafiki Kenya will also work with experts in these fields to run mentorship programs for schools and college to instill confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills  among youth. Your donation of USD 150  will go towards supporting a youth mentorship program of your own choice or one of the above. You are welcome to give mentorship activity ideas by contacting us.